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Claims and Refund Policy

Updated: 6th July 2023

In this claims policy:

Platform” means the platform known as “Lemonjar Online”.

“Buyer” means a person who purchased or subscribed our service on the Platform.

“Lemonjar Admin” means the administrator of the Platform who manages the content and maintains the functionality of the Platform.


A Buyer is able to make a claim relating to the service if the content of the service does not match the service’s description on the Platform (“Claim”) within 3 days of purchase.

  1. Buyer need to make the claim by sending email with address After 3 days has lapsed from the day of purchase, the Buyer will no longer be able to make any Claims. The Buyer will need to contact the Lemonjar Admin at to enable Lemonjar to manually process the Claim.

Once the Buyer makes a Claim, the Claim will need to be verified by Lemonjar Admin. Lemonjar Admin will check and approve the Claim once it has determined that the Claim is valid as described by the Buyer.

Upon approval of the Claim by Lemonjar Admin, we will refund the price of the service to the Buyer with the agreed method via email. The refund will be done within 7 days upon the approval and the agreed refund method.